Welcome to official website of music composer and orchestrator/arranger Tatiana Mikova.

She composes FILM MUSIC in a wide range of instrumentation (orchestral, chamber, electronic, world).
Tatiana orchestrates/arranges her film scores herself and orchestrates other composers' works.
She cooperates with studio film orchestras - The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, FilmHarmonic Orchestra Prague and conductors - Mario Klemens, Adam Klemens, Leos Svarovsky, Jan Chalupecky.
She has written music for feature films and TV series in various genres (drama, thriller, horror, crime, adventure, romantic, comedy, road movie).

Her film music credits include:
Incorrigible, The Forest of the Dead, Bathory, The Treasure of Anna Hawkins, Trabant Goes to South America/ Trabant Goes to the End of the World, Trabant Goes to Africa, Trabant on the Silk Road, short films: Hope, Ctibor and Mr. Sadilek, The Final Straw, Tempter, Intermezzo, as well as music orchestration/arrangement for feature films: May and Magical Duvet.

Besides film scoring, she also composes CLASSICAL MUSIC:
(Studied classical music composition and instrumentation with prof. Milan Jira,
In 2016 she completed an accredited course Composition Instrumental at Oxford University with Jonathan Darnborough).
She has written orchestral works (Symphony No.1, Impressions of Nature, Concerto Grosso, Fantasia for Piano and Symphony Orchestra, Overture - commissioned and world premiered/TV-broadcast by Minnesota Sinfonia/USA, etc.) as well as a number of works for chamber ensembles or solo instruments (La Défleurie, Spanish Serenade for Nonet - broadcast by American Public Media/ 250 radio stations across USA as a part of the most-listened-to classical music radio program "Performance Today" and was featured on Radio Horizon 93.9 FM in Johannesburg, South Africa, Fantasia on Moravian Themes for Nonet broadcast by Radio Horizon 93.9 FM in Johannesburg, South Africa and  Soundart Radio 102.5 FM/UK radio show "Hildegard to Hildegard" and Radio Arts/Indonesia.

She is based in London / United Kingdom. Tatiana is currently studying Postgraduate course MMUS Composition for Film and TV at London College of Music.